business-1370984_1920Welcome to iWAM Coaching

iWAM Coaching combines the power of the iWAM Psychometric Profiling tool with Coaching to provide a highly effective resource for individual and organisational development and improvement.

iWAM Coaching helps to find the key to unlock motivation and helps to find solutions to performance related issues, or to achieve even higher performance.

iWAM Coaching is for individuals, teams and organisations who want to gain clarity about their goals and develop a workable strategy for achieving them.

The iWAM profiling report measures motivational and attitudinal patterns and can provide excellent input for:

  • iWAM Coaching training and development
  • career planning and workforce planning
  • recruitment and selection
  • motivation of employees
  • high-performance teams
  • leadership development and succession planning
  • organisational changes and communication.

If you are looking for a powerful, relevant, valid, reliable, versatile, and cost-efficient tool, which delivers the results you need, consider exploring the world of  iWAM.


AI-Award-LogoAcquisition International Magazine have announced the winners of the 2016 Business Excellence Awards.  UK College of Personal Development wins Best Psychometric Profiling Company in UK

UK College of Personal Development have been recognised for their use of the iWAM psychometric profiling tool combined with coaching and training to help their clients achieve tangible results.  iWAM Coaching is a division of the UK College of Personal Development.

Tony Nutley, Director of Training at UK College of Personal Development said:  “I am immensely proud to receive this award, For many years I was sceptical about the value of psychometric profiling given the tendency of many tests to place people in “boxes” or give them labels.  The iWAM tool is different, it produces an individual “fingerprint” which gives a real insight into an individual’s motivation and attitude in the work place.  When combined with coaching it is an incredibly useful development tool that produces real and measurable change.”

To learn more about UK College of Personal Development, visit the website here


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