Who is iWAM Coaching For?


iwam for individualsCareer Development: – Reveal what types of tasks, responsibilities, and work environment is preferred, and what work approaches and attitudes (rules) are most dominant for an
individual to help design their career path or career changes, and increase their prospects of success.

Motivation & the “Clock”: – The “iWAM Clock” reveals how long people are likely to be engaged in a role before boredom or burn-out sets in. It helps individuals formulate strategies for their careers by clarifying the areas of interest to pursue and to ensure that their need for change is matched.

People Management & Supervision: – Identify patterns that are valuable and those that might need improvement in a supervisory/management role. Learn how to coach and manage different individuals effectively (especially those who are motivated by different factors to you) – One size does not fit all!

Coaching: – The iWAM report provides guidance not only on what to coach, but also on how to coach for maximum effectiveness. The iWAM Paired Comparison Report helps understand differences between two people and provides a way to resolve conflicts for better performance.


iwam for teamsBuilding New Teams: – Identify a team’s motivational patterns; team reports showing all team members (including leaders) plotted on one graph help to develop mutual trust and understanding as well as enabling individuals to play to their strengths.

Team Development & Performance: – Reveal key motivational factors and attitudes in the team, and coach team leaders for more effective leadership. Increase performance of the team by capitalizing on similarities and valuing the diversity present in the team.  The team report enables teams to appreciate that the strongest team is a diverse team which has each member playing in the best position for them.


Enhanced Recruiting Decisions: – Using motivational language of high performers triggers key motivational patterns and attracts more high-potential candidates for a role and that match the culture of the organization: saving time, saving money and delivering better results.

You can evaluate the fit between a person’s motivations and attitude at work, and an organization’s culture or a role’s requirements in order to eliminate some of the risk in making recruitment decisions.

Leadership Development: – Identify key patterns of leadership – what are the profiles of an organisation’s successful leaders? This information is invaluable for effective succession planning.

Organisational Culture Change & Communication: – iWAM identifies motivational communication patterns which will help you to identify language that will have the greatest impact in organisational communication.  Discovering dominant attitudes in an organization will aid the design and implementation of organisational change.

Employee Engagement & Attrition: – Revealing key motivational patterns helps you keep your high performers engaged and lower performers become high-performers. iWAM helps reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover through understanding what drives performance, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Sales & marketing: – Reveal key patterns that makes sales professionals successful as well as how your marketing can be more effective.

Training & Development: – Reveal what triggers peak performance and what gets in the way. Coach for maximum performance by getting a unique and clear insight to what drives people at work and how likely they are to be high performers in a role. Reveal what to train and how to train for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.