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When combined with coaching from an experienced coach, the iWAM report is a valuable tool for individual and organisational development.


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For most of our clients, we produce the profiling report and then arrange coaching follow up using the Internet, e-mail, Skype and a web browser.  The process is simple, buy your package on our website, we will contact, you will be sent a link to the online profiling portal, once complete we will contact you for your one to one coaching session to take you through the report in detail and offer additional coaching if required.

Skype is the usual way of coaching clients for the iWAM Report feedback coaching session, however, some clients simply prefer the phone. A number of clients have recently asked about  the option of face to face meetings,  this is possible by agreement and may incur an additional cost depending upon the location of the meeting.

Here are just some of the areas we have covered with our clients using an iWAM Coaching Package:

Career Development: – The report gives insight as to the types of tasks, responsibilities, and work environment that is preferred, and what work approach, work rules and attitudes are most conducive to peak performance.  We then work with the individual to design their career path and design actions to increase their likelihood of success.

Motivation & the “Clock”: – The “iWAM Clock” reveals how long people are likely to be engaged in a role before boredom or burn-out sets in. Coaching in conjunction with the iWAM report enables individuals to re-engage and find other sources of motivation.

People Management & Supervision: – Clients have found the insight iWAM gives them about how they perceive others, and how others perceive them invaluable in developing as leaders and managers.  Coaching helps to develop flexibility to communicate and relate to people differently.


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There are many situations in which using iWAM and Coaching in an organisations can add real value.  Here are just a couple of examples:

Building New Teams: – Identify and design a team and its leader’s motivational patterns. This leads to a faster and more effective team building process.  An iWAM team report will ensure that the team has the right mix of individuals to be effective.  Coaching ensures that the leader and team members appreciate the diversity in the team,know how to communicate effectively with one another and are allowed to play to their individual strengths.

Team Development & Performance: – iWAM reveals key motivational factors and attitudes in the team so that the leader knows how to engage the team members to ensure optimum performance.

Select the right team and have them all rowing in the same direction

Select the right team and have them all rowing in the same direction

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